Artist. Designer.

Wehenga o te tau

910 x 1210mm, Acrylic on canvas

This is about seasons of our lifetime, a period of time, even an hour or moment to moment.

These words are the seasons of the year. What I love about māramatanga (Māori calendar, kinda) is that it isn’t based on a calendar made for people on the other side of the world but based on the movements of the moon. There are natural rhythm’s and some days are stink, some days are great and everything in-between. These rhythm’s exist for our benefit. The seasons, cold, warm, wet, hot, etc are important. If we just had one the world would be out of balance. So, we got to have stink to appreciate the good. In the good book it repeats the term, “and it came to pass…”. Someone once said, “… aren’t you glad it didn’t say, ‘and it came to stay’”.

Accept that stink stuff happens, let it go and move on. Please note that I am not talking about when others do crappy-as-heck, unfair, controlling, and worse things to you, address those, vehemently, but do move on for your own benefit, not for theirs (see my picture: Muru). Cycles and rhythms are important for our balance.