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Repentance – Rīpenetātanga: Roimata Toroa


“Repentance” [1]

Acrylic on canvas 1600 x 600mm


I have already explained Roimata Toroa briefly, but this pattern is perfect for repentance. I have made it red because of the prophet Isaiah when he said that the Atonement of Christ had the ability to change our sins from scarlet to wool.


The process of repentance is not a point A to point Z, it requires removal of aspects of my life that are not helpful and damaging to myself and therefore to those I love most. Over time, I can change and move to greater clarity and cleanliness.


For me the process of repentance, sincere, heartfelt repentance always includes tears because of a recognition of something I have done was wrong. The promise is that the stain will be removed. But the memory of my wrong choice remains, but that is a reminder to us to not do it again. There is wisdom in the memory of wrong choices. If you have repented properly but continue to allow it to harrow up in your mind and heart then you are not trusting that the Lord has completely accepted your offering – in a way you are saying you are better than the Lord, that your wisdom is greater. Trust the process, even though you may not understand it completely.


Faith is an important precursor to repentance which helps you to trust the true repentance process.


[1] (accessed 24 April 2020)



I created these, like tukutuku, as a reminder of what the ideal situation should be like. Our intentions is one of working towards these ideals and it works best when all are onboard trying to reach these. Our individuality remains important in being unified in this. Being an individual and unified is an important paradox. It requires all of the principles to reach it and to have happy and successful marriages and families:

Pūmau Faith Te Piki ā Rongo
Inoi Prayer E tō Mātou Matua Nui te Rangi
Rīpenetātanga Repentance Roimata Toroa
Muru Forgiveness Huka Korio
Kauanuanu Respect Hohou i te Rongo
Aroha Love Ngā Hīhī o te Aroha
Ngākau Aroha Compassion Pūpūharakeke
Whakamahi Work Whakakotahi
Pārekareka Wholesome recreational activities Te Whai Wawewawe a Maui

Te Whare Tukutuku explanations: