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Respect – Kauanuanu: Hohou i te Rongo


“to respect, think highly of, admire, esteem, revere, venerate.” [1]

Acrylic on canvas 1600 x 600mm


To respect someone else does not mean we need to agree with their views. We can still work with them and even have strong meaningful relationships. 

The name of this pattern is “Hohou i te Rongo” or making peace. This is what we do this when we hongi. Hongi (joining our noses by pressing them together) is the action but making peace is what we are doing.

The black shapes are the shape of noses with our breath mingling.


[1] (accessed 24 April 2020)

I created these, like tukutuku, as a reminder of what the ideal situation should be like. Our intentions is one of working towards these ideals and it works best when all are onboard trying to reach these. Our individuality remains important in being unified in this. Being an individual and unified is an important paradox. It requires all of the principles to reach it and to have happy and successful marriages and families:

PūmauFaithTe Piki ā Rongo
InoiPrayerE tō Mātou Matua Nui te Rangi
RīpenetātangaRepentanceRoimata Toroa
MuruForgivenessHuka Korio
KauanuanuRespectHohou i te Rongo
ArohaLoveNgā Hīhī o te Aroha
Ngākau ArohaCompassionPūpūharakeke
PārekarekaWholesome recreational activitiesTe Whai Wawewawe a Maui

Te Whare Tukutuku explanations: