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Compassion – Ngākau Aroha: Pūpūharakeke

Ngākau Aroha:

“empathetic, sympathetic, compassionate, kindhearted, considerate, caring, benevolent.” [1]

The pūpūharakeke is a giant snail mostly found in the top of the North Island. The pūpūharakeke is a kaitiaki for the hapu of this area. When other tribes would try to attack the pūpūharakeke would sing out in warning.

This is a nice story and it is true. As a kid, playing with the ordinary garden snail, going to touch it, it would retract back into its shell. The pūpūharakeke when intruders would approach, this alarmed them and they draw back a such great speed into their shells and the small pockets of air that are trapped would have to squeeze out like the air squeezing out of a balloon would make these sounds.[1] The lines of the pattern are the silver trails that snails leave. The black is that the environment is dark around those that we must demonstrate compassion with and alongside.

The broken line in the middle is me, you or whoever, that needs acts of compassion. The line either side is those next to you, supporting you and the other line is the Saviour Jesus Christ. Both support us to as far as we need and allow us to continue on to grow, but always there, in the wings. You need to ask.

Compassion is needed in families and between partners. Without compassion families would be broken all the time, relationships could not last, they would be fraught with conflict. It is coupled with forgiveness and repentance – actually all of the tukutuku here.

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I created these, like tukutuku, as a reminder of what the ideal situation should be like. Our intentions is one of working towards these ideals and it works best when all are onboard trying to reach these. Our individuality remains important in being unified in this. Being an individual and unified is an important paradox. It requires all of the principles to reach it and to have happy and successful marriages and families:

PūmauFaithTe Piki ā Rongo
InoiPrayerE tō Mātou Matua Nui te Rangi
RīpenetātangaRepentanceRoimata Toroa
MuruForgivenessHuka Korio
KauanuanuRespectHohou i te Rongo
ArohaLoveNgā Hīhī o te Aroha
Ngākau ArohaCompassionPūpūharakeke
PārekarekaWholesome recreational activitiesTe Whai Wawewawe a Maui

Te Whare Tukutuku explanations: